Heating controls

Learning how to use your heating controls can lower your bills and help you to heat your home more efficiently.


With around 60% of home energy consumption being used for central heating, it is well worth understanding your heating controls and ensuring that you use them in a way that matches your lifestyle. For central heating, think about who is in the house at what times of day, and consider combining thermostat programming with the correct use of thermostatic radiator valves so that you only heat the spaces you need. If you have moved into a home with an unfamiliar boiler, or have just lost your instruction manual, it is worth checking online to see if instructions are available or can be sent (usually free of charge) for your model.

If you would like more control over the way you heat your home, there is now a range of smart heating controls which allow you to alter programming remotely and to save information about your useage.

Geek says

The new electronic thermostats are much more accurate than then old mechanical ones and quickly reward you with greater comfort and a more even temperature. Like many bits of equipment, they can be complex to operate, so try and get a recommendation from a friend and a teach-in from the installer.

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